Monday, August 25, 2014

Wise and Seven You Are Oh Young Jedi

Our own junior Einstein

He looks so grown up to me here....gone is my little boy.

Always building and tearing down....oh the knowledge I have gained being the mother of a!

Showing how strong he is to hold this very heavy sword with one hand.

Always this guy!

Of course we had a Star Wars birthday party.

Yoda at his party

Visiting with Grandma

Sword fighting with his best buddy

Giving it his best when speaking at the Kingdom Kids Program Night
  I cannot believe my youngest is 7.  He is definitely changing in so many ways.  He wants to be an American Ninja Warrior when he grows up so he has been "training" like crazy.  My door frames have the foot prints to prove it.  He can be wise though beyond his years and seems to have an understanding about people.  He is a charmer at the nursing home and loves to make you laugh.  His interests are skateboarding, sword fighting, swimming, and building cities out of anything he can get his hands on.  His favorite movies right now are the Star Wars Series and has even convinced his sisters that this is a good thing.  I have said it so many times but I will say it again; Our youngest child is one of the best surprises I have ever had.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Miss Vibrant and Full of Life: 3rd/4th Grade

What a summer for this girl!  She participated in sports camp (I have never seen a ball she could not handle!).  We spent time with friends (who have babies) so she was in heaven!  Our sweet friend Elise always allows our girl with freedom to rock, carry, and even change her babies.  I think our middle girl draws a lot of inspiration from her favorite television show 19 Kids and Counting.  This girl lives to watch the Duggars.  She was able to ride a horse for the first time this summer and I was completely impressed.  She rode like a pro and had a sweet teachable heart during her lesson.  Definitely a proud mom and dad moment.  She has read most of the Magic Tree House books this summer but her favorite book was a biography about Linda Richardson a famous nurse.  Our girl really wants to be a doctor or a nurse for sick babies when she grows up and we can see that servant's heart in her even now.  Can I just say that sometimes this girl's energy wears this "old" mama out but I am thankful every day for her life and that she is mine. She is so brave and courageous.  This girl is not afraid of anything....I wish I were more like her in so many ways.  From the very first moment she had the full attention of her dad and I.   When she laughs so does everyone else...she is simply contagious.  Miss vibrant and full of life assuredly lives up to her name!  I am so grateful for every day of this sweet miracle's life.  
I love the expression on her face!

Run baby run!

Waiting her turn.

She does everything all the way!

Loving the city life!

Such intense concentration

I think she stayed in this part of the museum forever!  She was determined to build a house.

Hanging out with her best buddy!

She loves holding babies! 

A dream come true

I love this photo of her.  She was perfectly content and at ease on the back of this horse.

Waiting to do her speaking part; of course she rocked it out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Oldest and Her Summer

Armed and dangerous....bazooka ball! of her favorite things to do

Nothing like freezing to death in June

Ready for Adventure
Our 5th grade girl has had a full summer.  She began it by going off to camp (don't you know she did not get the least bit homesick).  We saw her sprouting a few wings this year.  Even as she grows and changes (and so must her father and I) some things remain the same.  She still loves art and wants to be an artist.  She loves people and has a broken heart for those who have not heard the Gospel so she plans to be a missionary. 

She told me earlier in the summer that she would like to be a librarian in foreign country and use her "bookmobile" to tell others about Jesus.  This past year she read Heidi and decided it was her favorite book.  She also read most of the Nancy Drew books this summer.  She loves the color blue, to read and draw, skate, craft, and of course camp with her family.  She told my sister this past week (when she discovered that they did not have any craft supplies), "How do you people live this way?"  Did I mention that she can be very spunky?  It has been a great summer with this gal.  She is growing up but with that she is becoming even more of the delight God created her to be.  So thankful for this girl! 

Great Friends

You can't hide from me ha ha

Learning lessons about sharing the Gospel even at a young age

Watching the kids at sports camp

Volunteering at the library

Loving Museum Time

Louisville is a fun place to be, What do you think, Sir?

More Crafting

Loved this paper doll she made.  Sometimes I cannot believe she is my daughter.  She is so talented and beautiful on the inside and out.  We are so blessed by her amazing soul.

Hanging out with her sister and best friend on the 4th of July

Reading with the little ones.  She has been a mother's helper this summer and has taken it so seriously.  These are just a few of her little peeps. 

Of course no summer would be complete without music camp and Kingdom Kids

Cuddle time.

Monday, August 11, 2014

2014-2015 School Year

C. couldn't make a straight face so we went with this pic.  It sums him up though...he generally is the life of the party.

Serious one is always thinking...and dreaming.  I love this about her. 

Our sweet middle girl is always planning and way ahead of the game.

Our cousin was with us during our first week of school...always room for one more!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Sweet Ten Year Old

Syd loved to wear this hat as a baby.

Always the entertainer!

Sweet and thoughtful

Birthday Number 4

Big 5 year old girl!

Budding Artist

Happy 10 Years Old!

Eating out...endless dessert bar:  Syd's dream come true!